Sarah Elizabeth Jones RIP


Sarah Elizabeth Jones was a West Columbia native who died last week while filming a movie in South Georgia.

“Only 27 years old, Sarah’s promising life was cut short when she was struck by a train while working on a dangerous set. Crew members are the unsung heroes of film and television production who work long hours and sometimes very dangerous conditions for the love of filmmaking. Sarah Elizabeth Jones was one of us.”

I never met Sarah, but have worked closely with many of the same people in the industry when I lived in Charleston, SC. Their anger and outrage is felt and understood. This tragedy could have been avoided. Many are not only mourning her tragedy but questioning how it could have been prevented. Someone beautifully remarked that “We are all Sarah Jones” and that touched me. She lived life with a smile and a sense of humor, was hardworking and committed. She had so much to offer and was taken too soon. When you watch the Oscar’s this Sunday, whether they mention her or not, take a second to think about all the people who work behind the scenes, often pulling over 12 hours a day on set, to get the best shot for your viewing pleasure. It takes a small town to film a movie, not just a few great actors in fancy suits and dresses. Sarah Jones made movies. Sarah Jones deserves to be recognized.

We ask for Sarah Elizabeth Jones’ love and passion for filmmaking be acknowledged on the grandest stage of all, The Academy Awards.

Please click on this link and sign the petition to have Sarah added to the “In Memoriam” at this Sunday’s Oscar show.

UPDATE: This petition will be submitted for consideration by The Academy by Friday, February 28th at 10am. Thank you for supporting one of our own.

A facebook page has been created in her honor called Slates for Sarah, in which many film and TV folks from around the world are taking pictures of their movie slates with her name and or picture on it. You can check out the page at this link:

Here are a few of them:

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#SafetyForSarah #SlatesforSarah

Sarah’s Obituary can be found here:

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